"FARRAH ON MY MIND" A Musical Tribute to Farrah Fawcett

Once upon a time there were 3 little girls
the introduction to a well known tv series of the 70s featuring 3 beautiful ladies…..it is also the way most fairy tales start...But this one was real...there was also an innocent young man who fell in love with an Angel (I know I was not the only one....you can smile here!!!) but right from the start I knew there was more to this feeling...so much more !!! It was not something sexual…not the hair….not the million dollar smile…..NOT the nipples on that famous poster…..it was beyond comprehension…..the vision of absolute beauty !!! The embodiment of God’s perfection !!! Some of you will now argue and say she was not perfect….I agree….but….take her body….her hair…her smile…her striking eyes…her sweet voice….her girl-next-door innocence….her kindness and add it up…. you will end with the most gorgeous creature ever to live…like an Angel…..Farrah Fawcett.

I was never a so-called « Fan », since I did not collect much; I was realistic and knew there was no chance for me to ever meet her in this lifetime…..but she was always there in my heart. Many years passed, I built a life as a musician and travelled a lot, met a woman, had a son….had my ups and downs like everyone. I did not think of Farrah quite so often anymore.

20 years later in September 2006 the news broke: she had cancer !.........And it all came back to my mind….and to my soul….I am not ashamed to say, I cried my heart out ! I could not believe It….NO not her …not this woman ! I started searching the internet for updates, and saw all the pictures, interviews, movie clips I had missed  all those years…and I fell in love again ! I wanted to do something to try to help, to give her strength and hope, so I started writing love songs . By Spring 2007 I had finished an album with 16 songs. But the main problem was I had no way to send any CD to her. I gave some to a couple of friends who did a trip to Los Angeles (they have relatives there who work in the movie business), but nothing worked. I was about to give up when while looking at my bands Myspace page, I searched for her, just for fun…..there were many pages with her name, but I was struck by one, completely at the end of the list….it was discrete and simple…the way it was titled I knew this was hers. I created my own Myspace page, put a few songs on it, and sent her an invitation !

We became friends, and eventually, I found a way to send her my CDs. It was a dream coming true…She was a very kind and sweet person…Even going through hell, she never complained……I would have loved to meet her….but sadly….she lost her battle against cancer.

I will probably never know for sure if this Myspace friend was really Farrah !!! Yet she wrote something to me right from the start of our friendship I will treasure in my heart forever :

Alain...how could it be that such words would be written about me? I truly am nothing that special...your kindness brings a tear to my eye...The prognosis of my cancer is guarded...but I will survive and if not..............my memory of your sweet words, I will take to my grave and then to live with the angels...Luv..Farrah » 

She is, was, and will forever be my greatest love, my friend and my inspiration….thank you girl for giving us this beautiful DREAM !!! 

Rest in peace Farrah…..and fly with the Angels !!! Your Songbird 

Please enjoy those songs, for they are my humble tribute to her, and I know in my heart, they truly were a comfort to Farrah on her painful journey back home !!!

Alain Lustig