"FARRAH ON MY MIND" A Musical Tribute to Farrah Fawcett

Quotes :

Becky Hobbs (Nashville, singer & songwriter) :  

« Dear Alain, Duane and I received your CDs "Farrah on my Mind."  WOW....!!!!  It is totally awesome!  Beautiful melodies and lyrics.  You have got to be proud, proud, proud!

When Duane first heard it, he said it reminded him of John Lennon.  Not bad company!  I can tell this music came from above & is the seed of your soul.  I'm glad you found a way to contact Farrah and that she loves your music ......who wouldn't?

Thanks, Alain, for sharing this with us.  We'll enjoy it over and over."


Julianna (Farrah’s cousin) :

« Your heart is what was so precious to Farrah….Don’t ever let anyone take that from you….She was going through so much…. You were an « ANGELIC SONGBIRD » to her…..J »

 Nothing ever really ends….THIS IS MY HOPE !!!No this cannot be the end! No one ever touched me the way she did…..She touched my very soul….I was touched by an angel !!!

Real Angels never die……they just spread their wings and fly !!!!